Ludo : Top Mobile Board game


  • LUDO has lots of resemblance to an Indian Asian game called Pachisiwhich was believed to be created in India somewhere in the 6th century. Depiction of boards on the caves of Ellora tells us that it used to be a very popular game and Many Indian rulers and emperors were supposed to be fond of Pachisi and in particular Mughal emperor Akbar had special liking for this game. Its believed to be later modified to use a cubic die with dice cup and got patented as "Ludo" (Latin name for “I Play”)in England in 1896.

  • Today Ludo is very popular across the world and across all age groups as its easy to learn, highly engaging and offers players opportunity to showcase talent rather than being just a luck element game.

  • Digital revolution times ensured a renewed norms of Ludo gaming too and Ludo got transformed as anpopular online game by retaining the design, themes and rules. Opportunity to play online or with computer got lots of gaming enthusiasts to get hooked on to the same and hence the digital version had a smooth migration and still continue to rule the hearts of many world wide.

  • The Online version of Ludo ensures loads of entertainment and joy to people of all ages because of its wide availability, interactive graphics and attractive audio-visual feel. At 4pludo we have incorporated all the features to provide you with an unparalleled gaming experience. Each and every aspect has been well thought of and have provided various options in both offline and Online modes.

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